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Dear visitor, dear patient and family,

thank you for your interest in our specialized medical care.

My name is Matthias Pross and I am Chair of General and Visceral Surgery at the DRK Kliniken Berlin | Köpenick, one of the largest hospitals in the Berlin metropolitan area and teaching hospital of Germany´s largest university hospital the Charité.

On this webpage, you find information regarding our surgery competence centers and the responsible physicians as well as information regarding different medical conditions and current affairs and events for both physicians and patients.

If you need medical help, we would like to offer you our full support to regain your health and well-being as fast and comfortable as possible. Our specialized team of clinicians will provide you with the best comprehensive, evidence-based and personalized medical services.

We are available 24 hours every day with highly trained physicians through the emergency department. Acute conditions are treated around the clock.
We also provide specialized outpatient services and discuss with you in one-on-one appointments your diagnostic findings and personalized treatment strategy.
Next to the specialized and interdisciplinary care at the highest medical standards, we also care deeply about the personal needs of each and every patient entrusted to us. Respect, patience and human warmth are important characteristics for our team.

We hope to make your stay at the DRK Kliniken Berlin | Köpenick as pleasant as possible. We look forward to discussing your individual condition and needs with you.
Your care team at the General Surgery Department
Professor Dr. med Matthias Pross
Chief of Surgery